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The Road to a Long-lasting Automobile

Auto technicians say the key to keeping your car, truck, or van running well today and down the road is routine maintenance. Yet many drivers tend to stall when it comes to keeping up with some everyday auto-basics. A recent survey by the Car Care Council found:

  • 38 percent of cars had low or dirty engine oil.
  • 54 percent had low tire pressure.
  • 28 percent had inadequate cooling protection.
  • 19 percent needed new belts.
  • 16 percent had dirty air filters.
  • 10 percent had low or contaminated brake fluid.

Kwik Kar Tulsa Fleet Program

Kwik Kar Tulsa provides a comprehensive maintenance program that addresses all aspects of fleet vehicle repairs, including both preventive and corrective maintenance. We offer a broad range of fleet management services to meet each client’s changing needs.

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